fv-50th-2016-9cmFormula Vee South Africa 50th Anniversary – December 2016

Canadian, American and European Formula Vee Competitors To Compete at South African Formula Vee Association’s 50th Anniversary Grand Tour.

Killarney 3rd December 2016 – Zwartkops 5th December 2016

In 1993 Gawie Gouws, Giel Hattingh, Hekkie Wasserman and Johan Wasserman, flew to New York, hired a Kombi and travelled halfway across the United States of America, to compete in the American Formula Vee Association’s Thirtieth Anniversary event, at Road America. Johan Wasserman, was one of our local Formula Vee Competitors, from Welkom, in the Orange Free State and built his first Formula Vee, out of square tubing and sheet metal, from old billboards, four decades ago! The decline, in the Free State Goldfield’s economy, saw Johan look for greener pastures, which eventually led to the Wasserman family, leaving South Africa and starting a new life, in Canada.

johan-wassermanOne thing that Johan could not do without, was his racing and when he found out, that there was a Formula Vee Association operating in Canada, he could finally call the place home. He has now been racing Formula Vee in Canada, for a number of years, with a fair amount of success and then got his daughter involved in Formula Vee racing, as well. She then had to take maternity leave and Johan’s ambition now, is to not only see his own children race Formula Vee but his Grand Children, as well! Johan now lives in Binbrook, Ontario, Canada and races a Mysterian 2.

For Johan, things have now gone full circle, as he and his wife make the trip home, from Canada, to South Africa, to compete in the South African Formula Vee 50th Anniversary event! He will also have the added advantage, of being fluent in at least one of the other official languages and have the opportunity, to renew a lot of old acquaintances, within the South African Formula Vee Family.

robert-murrayJoining Johan, for the trip to the South African 50th Anniversary, will be another Canadian Formula Vee driver,Robert Murry, from Lindsay
Ontario, who has been racing Formula Vee, since 2007 and enjoys racing in the category,” for the close racing and the amazing guys that race with us. It’s like one big family and everyone helps one another no matter what the need is. Also the economic value of running this series makes it very attractive.”






ray-carmodyAnother driver coming across from North America, will be Ray Carmody, from Horseheads New York, who has been racing Formula Vee and
winning multiple Championships and Trophies, for over three decades! He also races a Mysterian 2 and his wife Katrina is his most loyal supporter, having only missed two races, for the birth of their two boys, Trevor and Alex and she will be joining Ray, for the trip to South Africa.






Also in the line-up, for the South African 50th Anniversary event, will be Dean Curtis who lives in East Stroudsburg, PA, where he runs Dean’s Autosport & Repairs. He began racing in 1983,
driving an Autodynamics MKI. He’s been racing FV almost continuously, since that time, driving the 98-99 Pro Vee series, in a 1975 Caldwell D13 and attending the SCCA National Championship Run-Offs, several times.





In addition to the Americans and the Canadians, there will be four competitors from the European Historic Formula Vee Association, coming to South Africa, to compete in our 50th Anniversary Event.


The only competitor, from the European Historic Formula Vee Association who has raced here before, Dr Frank Orthey, a Consultant, Coach and Management Trainer, has in fact been here three times, already.

Having raced, at our 45th Anniversary event, at Kyalami in 2010, he rates his best racing memory, as the Two Hour Endurance race, at that event, finishing third in the Rhema 2, which he was sharing with Peter Hills. He and his wife Astrid, then did a trip from PE to Cape Town and so enjoyed their stay that they came back again, on holiday, the following year. Then when some of the Germans decided that they were coming here for a race, between anniversaries, Frank and Astrid came out again, competing in a race at Zwartkops and a Two Hour event at Phakisa, the following weekend.

Frank has been racing in the European Historic Formula Vee series, for sixteen years and owns a 1972 Lola T252 Super Vee, a 1975 Maco Vee, a 1965 Autodynamics Vee and an Austro Vee replica. His other interests, include the Organ and Classic Cars.

thomas-cramer-iJoining Frank and Astrid, for the trip, to compete at this year’s South African Anniversary Events, are Thomas Cramer, Mark Spanbroek and Wolfgang Rafflenbeul.

Thomas runs his own Advertising Agency and has been racing in the European Historic Formula Vee series, for seven years. He owns a 1973 ATS Lola T320 Super Vee and a 1973 Javado TA3 Formula Vee.

His worst racing moment, was a high speed crash at Zandvoort, after the rear suspension broke. With a lot of help from his friends, the car was repaired overnight and their efforts were rewarded, with a third place finish, the next day. His other interests, include classic car restoration (Porsche and Alfa Romeo), Tennis and Badminton.

mark-spanbroekMark is an expert in Algorithmic Trading and owns a beautiful 1300cc 1973 Kaimann.

He has been racing for five years, with the highlight of his relatively short racing career, being his victory in the Gold Cup event at Zandvoort this year.

His worst moment so far, has been having his brakes fail, at the end of the Hockenheim main straight!

Mark’s other interests, include running, golf, rallies, vintage cars, travelling and the support of Breast Cancer Research initiatives.


Wolfgang Rafflenbeul regards himself as an independent gentleman, in other words a professional racing driver!

Wolfgang is the proud owner of a 1969 Austro Vau, as well as a 1971 Royale RP9 Super Vee.

Wolfgang has been racing for 7 years, with his highlight racing at Spa Francochamps!

His other hobbies include Historic Racing Cars as well as Hunting and Shooting.

The South African Formula Vee members, look forward to renewing old acquaintances and making new ones, with the Anniversary program including some tourist activities in the fairest Cape, and a race at Killarney in Cape Town on the 3rd December 2016, followed by a Track Day at Zwartkops, on Monday the 5th December 2016, which is open not only to current Formula Vee Association Members and cars but anyone who has ever been involved with the category, in this country. So if you have a Formula Vee of whatever vintage, that still runs, bring it along and blow out the cobwebs. Volkswagen Motor Sport have covered the costs for the day, covering the hire of the venue and marshals and medics. Even if your car does not run, bring it along and put it on static display for the day, meet old friends and celebrate this milestone with us and our overseas visitors.

That evening, the Formula Vee 50th Anniversary Function and Annual Prize Giving, will be held at the ZOC Clubhouse, at Zwartkops and is also open to current and ex competitors, their friends and family. Let us all join together, to celebrate this outstanding milestone, in style.

If you are interested in attending the official Formula Vee 50th Anniversary Function, please RSVP to geoff@tugwell.co.za


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